Evgen OsmakWelcome to my blog!

My name is Evgen Osmak and I’m Head of IT department at Zeppelin International AG (8 countries, 80 IT specialists, 2000 users). I’ve been in IT since 2003.

Beside that I’m an expert in personal and team productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. I spent 8 years sharpening the saw and implemented state of the art productivity tools and systems for me and my team.  I believe these skills can change the world: from hustle, distraction and endless busyness to calm awareness of and focus on the most important in life.

I conduct trainings, make keynotes and presentations and maintain this blog, because I like to share knowledge.

In cooperatation with LvBS, Kyiv school of economics, I helped Ukrainian companies from IT outsourcing, bank, oil&gas, fitness industries, gov and non-gov, young leaders development organizations and startup incubators.

I’ve contributed to organization and become the head of the condominium (ОСББ) in my house. My purpose is to facilitate agreement among Ukrainians on something at least within commonly owned building and land.

I love what I do, I love my wife and kids. I like to help high achievers to push the limits, not losing balance in and brightness of life.

Please contact me on UA, RU, EN or DE if you need support with:
  • increasing energy
  • focus on the most important
  • winning time for what matters
  • protecting your purpose and agenda